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Why should you buy vegan makeup products?

Even if you don’t have a vegan diet? Well there’s a few reasons:


A lot of makeup brushes are made from animal hair and the way they get it isn’t pretty. Especially with weasel and mink brushes which come straight from the fur industry and as many people know, animal fur is almost always taken in a cruel manner. 

There’s really no point in getting animal hair brushes when there’s sooo many options for synthetic brushes. Synthetic brushes are often hypo-allergenic, cleaning is simpler, and no animals were involved in the process!


Generally, vegan cosmetics are better for your skin. Particularly those with pretty sensitive skin, which is at least half or more of the makeup-loving community. They have very little to no harmful chemicals which many drugstore brands do have to keep them preserved and save money.

Vegan products work just as well as any other products, if not better! So you might as well. While there are vegan brands that are pretty expensive, you can find many vegan, cruelty-free products that are totally inexpensive but just as good.

(photo credit: pinterest, ig user:shamelesslysouthern)

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